Original Series We've Made

WTMI Action News

A 12 part Web Series, WTMI Action News tells the story of a local News team and the relationships between them.

Marge and Suze

An Improvised Series following the adventures of Marge & Suze, two friends just trying to make it in this world.

Weird Booze Weekend: Chicago
(Coming Soon in 2019)

Weird Booze Weekend: Chicago features a rolling cast of Chicago locals and puts them against liquors from around the world. Also, Malort.

We Create and Showcase Original Ideas.

Original Podcasts We've Made

Talkin' Wild with Dan

Dan can talk to animals. Each episode, he'll sit down with a different animal and ask them questions that are on everybody's mind.

Improv Resource Panel

Thomas Kelly talks with others on topics of the business or social aspects of performance, in hopes that could be of use to the improv community.


Sarah Zwinklis talks about love and relationships to actual craigslisters who've posted in the missed connections page.

That's not all!

In addition to producing our own podcasts, we have a collective that showcases other podcasts from the Chicago Area.
Whether it’s advice from the film industry, commentary on Video Games, or Discussions about Race, our Podcast Collective has a wide variety of episodes to listen to!