02: Denial

Tension mounts as Taylor gets comfortable with her new job, and we hear updates from our sports and traffic reporters.

Directed/Edited by Dan Schiffmacher
Edited By Pete Byrne
Special Thanks: Erin Uttich

Lillian Shank: Ellyn Craig Michalak
Taylor Jones: Mary Kate Roohan
Todd Bopley: Pete Byrne
Chet Chamberson: Dan Schiffmacher

Renee Barry
Mark Bozovitch
Jake Bradley
Ryan Brown
Logan Colclazier
Denver Collins
Nikki Fiedler
Aaron Homrad
Michelle Hopke
Irina Juka
Bill Nielsen
Matthew Tucker

EJ Cameron
Denver Collins
John Gerber
David Ibarra
Sarah Porter
Dan Schiffmacher
Reilly Wilson
Sarah Zwinklis

About The Author
- Dan Schiffmacher has too many ideas at any given time. In between directing a web series (WTMI Action News, International Liquor League), working full time (Norton Norris), and editing the Improv Nerd Podcast, he decided it was a good idea to build Second WInd. He’s been talking to animals since birth, and comes to Chicago by way of Buffalo, NY.