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Established in April 2015, Second Wind was designed to promote independent expression through all media. Whether it’s Podcasts, Videos, or Written pieces, our goal is to provide an outlet for passionate creators and give a fair voice to everyone. Our aim is to provide original content you haven’t seen anywhere else, and we’re constantly on the search for unique voices to help make that dream a reality. We hope to put a breathe of fresh air into this age of click-bait titles and ongoing lists; We hope to give you your Second Wind.


Dan Schiffmacher


Dan Schiffmacher has too many ideas at any given time.  In between directing a web series (WTMI Action NewsInternational Liquor League), working full time (Norton Norris), and editing the Improv Nerd Podcast, he decided it was a good idea to build Second WInd. He’s been talking to animals since birth, and comes to Chicago by way of Buffalo, NY.

Bridget Brown

Bridget Brown


Bridget Brown is a native Chicagoan with training from The Second City, iO, The Annoyance, and CIC. She performs with her independent Improv team, CALEB, all over the city. She is an ardent supporter of ST. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, an avid runner, and a crazy pug lady.


Bill Nielsen


Bill is a man of many talents: podcaster, writer, improviser, and semi-profesional Magic; the Gathering player. He primarily sustains himself off Chipotle burrito bowls and can often be found running on the Chicago lake shore trails. If capture, he will deny all knowledge of his own existence.

Jess Jones

Jess Jones

Writer, Podcaster

Jess writes reviews for Second Wind and is also a co-host on the Resistance is Futile podcast. She has performed at iO, Second City, and The Annoyance. In her spare time, she enjoys running, reading comic books, listening to the Hamilton soundtrack on repeat, and reminiscing about her days as a Disney Cast Member.


Rodney Perry


Rodney Perry is a creative still fairly new to the city of wind starting his podcast only a month after relocating. Rodney host and produces  The Simply King Podcast, a weekly podcast for a millennial perspective on pop culture, relationships in your 20s, self-help, and the human experience. The shows tagline says it all “The soulfully conscious podcast for humans simply being humans”. His show is growing but has been heard and praised from creatives in the states and internationally.His show can be found anywhere podcast are available, and he encourages the dialogue reach out.

Other Contributors

Pete Byrne, Editor/Podcaster

Pete Byrne

Editor, Podcaster (Bad at Movies), Sketch Writer (Peener Comedy,Two Man Hammer)


Renee Barry

Podcaster (Bad at Movies), Sketch Writer (Peener Comedy)


Brad Kemp

Podcaster, An Elevated Track


Thomas Kelly

Podcaster, Improv Resource Panel