A Production Company that's evolved over time.

Second Wind was established in April 2015 as a podcast collective, but has over time evolved to showcase videos and written pieces from the Chicago community as well. In 2019, Second Wind evolved again solely into a production company, aiming to help use it’s resources to bring new ideas to life. As a production company, Second Wind Productions strives to be inclusive in all of it’s self produced shows and series, and will seek out projects that tell different stories and empower diverse voices through all aspects of media.


Dan Schiffmacher


Dan Schiffmacher is the Sole Proprietor of Second Wind Productions, and currently resides in Chicago, Illinois. He enjoys talking about Nintendo a little too much, had the ability to talk to animals, and works full time for a marketing company (Norton Norris). He is the Video Director/producer of the Improv Nerd Podcast, loves to be challenged (he learned wordpress to build this site) and comes to Chicago by way of Buffalo, NY.

Content Contributors

Our Contributors worked with us in some way to bring their ideas to life!


Bill Nielsen

Writer/Podcaster (So Many Bits)


Renee Barry

Podcaster (Bad at Movies), Sketch Writer (Peener Comedy)


Rodney Perry

Podcaster (Simply King Podcast)

Jess Jones

Jess Jones

Writer, Podcaster (Resistance is Futile)

Pete Byrne, Editor/Podcaster

Pete Byrne

Editor, Podcaster (Bad at Movies), Sketch Writer (Peener Comedy,Two Man Hammer)


Brad Kemp

Podcaster, An Elevated Track


Thomas Kelly

Podcaster, Improv Resource Panel

Content Partners

Our content partners are Authors, Directors, Actors, and more. These individuals haven’t necessarily had any help from Second Wind Productions, but have partnered with us to showcase it on our site (or sell it in our shop) and reach a broader audience!


Erin Oechsel


Jon Chaddock



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