F.E.A.R UnRooted ft. Brother Jaraad aka WiseOne

09 Apr

This week I have returning guest Brother Jaraad aka WiseOne . He is spiritually proclaimed “Muse Maker” researching and distributing information specially tailored after your attributes and astrology. This episode was apart of a series called “Proclamation of Divine Manifestation” : FEAR UnRooted. We discuss the different levels of fear and how it motivates and discourages us to make the choices we make in life.
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1. Brainstyles: Change Your Life Without Changing Who You Are
Book by Marlane Miller
2. Metu Neter: The great oracle of Tehuti and the Egyptian system of spiritual civilization
Book by Ra UN Nefer Amen
3. The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment
Book by Ekhart Tolle’s (Chapter 2)
4. Slavery in Florida
Book by Larry E. Rivers
5.Black Panther
Film by Ryan Cooglar
6.Fear and Doubt
Book by Huey P Newton
7.Heart of Soul
Book by John L Bolling

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F.E.A.R UnRooted ft. Brother Jaraad aka WiseOne

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