Guitars, Thongs, and Butt Bells – An Evening with the Cupid Players

Sitting in The Cab theater at Stage 773 one Saturday night, I was struck with a terrifying realization:

“On Monday, my co-workers are going to ask me what I did this weekend, and I’m going to tell them I watched five grown-ass men roll around onstage in their underwear trying to give themselves blow jobs.”

Cupid Has a Heart On, Chicago’s longest-running musical comedy, is definitely not for sensitive eyes or ears. From the very top, the cast let us know they were picturing us naked (and liked what they saw.) A few songs later, Chad Michael Innis was crooning to a woman in the front row to help him out with a few things since his arm was in a sling. The requests started out innocently enough, a simple tying of the shoe or a back scratch, but culminated in him begging her to take off his pants. It may have been the rest of the male cast members joining him to egg her on, or the amused reassurances from her boyfriend, or just a desire to join in the raunchy fun exhibited so far, but she eventually gamely took this total stranger’s pants off.

It’s hard to pick a favorite moment in a show of 27 well-crafted sketches, and it’s even harder to believe that this show consisted of 27 sketches. It clips along at a pace that never drags or allows a joke to go stale.

If any of the sketches suffered, it would be “Presidents,” where Katie Maggart confesses that she idolizes our Presidents in a sexual way. This has nothing to do with Maggart’s performance, which was consistently hilarious throughout the whole show, but more an issue with staging of the band. It could have been my seat in the audience, but Maggart’s vocals were completely lost because the band was further downstage and overpowered her.

Each performance of Cupid Has a Heart On is unique, as there are 18 years’ worth of sketches to select from and throw into the running order. Even the most finely-tuned sketch show would not be able to succeed without a great cast, and the current Cupid players absolutely deliver. Not only do they each have incredible, unique voices (Andy Orscheln definitely has a Stephen Lynch-vibe, and Marco Braun was a Josh Gad-soundalike, even while singing about a fisting glove), but each cast member can also play guitar and/or ukele, which provided a nice accompaniment to Brian Posen’s piano.

If you’re looking for an R-rated, extremely funny, musical evening, I highly recommend checking out Cupid Has a Heart On. Whatever tickles your funny bone, be it clever wordplay, wry commentary, or silly boys shaking their butts in thongs, this show will not let you down. Check them out at Stage 773 every Saturday night at 8 pm.

Guitars, Thongs, and Butt Bells – An Evening with the Cupid Players

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