After 5 Years, Second Wind Collective is Shutting Down

When it first started, Second Wind was meant to be a platform that showcased the Chicago creative community. I didn’t know how I was going to create it, but I knew that there were very talented people all around me, and they deserved to have their work seen and heard. I pitched the idea to two people who I admired and respected for their work, and together we started Second Wind Collective. At first, it was focused on podcasts, but eventually opened up to curating ideas and creating a platform. As the site evolved we were able to feature new video content, hire writers for reviews and articles, and even sell products in a shop.

Ultimately, I’m proud of what we created. We set out a goal to bring people together, create new art and experiences (live or virtual) and showcase other artists’ work. All while providing the equipment to make their ideas come to life in a professional way. We helped create podcasts that are still running to this day, and supported indie artists with whatever money we made.

Though Second Wind Collective will be no more, the spirit of if will live on in a newly created company: Second Wind Productions. 

Second Wind Productions will be more of a video production company, serving corporate clients and creating new projects. Some of those projects will tell stories, and some will just be for entertainment purposes, but all of them will be unique. 

Thanks to everyone who has supported us over the years, whether that meant showing up for a star wars show, a brunch show, helping out with production, or just watching and sharing our content. I’m grateful for the people I’ve met and have had the chance to work with over the past 5 years, and am excited to see where this journey leads me! 

Dan Schiffmacher