Michelle Davey is Lincoln

A Total Abe.

In a time where countless comedians hone their impression of our current Commander in Chief, Michelle Davey takes a different approach and provides a unique look at one of the country’s greatest presidents.

Michelle Davey is Lincoln.

Under direction of Molly Todd Madison, “Michelle Davey is Lincoln” has a perfect mix of modern, meta and historical references during it’s hour long runtime. It successfully balances comedy and commentary, stopping occasionally only to break the fourth wall. Her supporting cast of Spencer Blair, Rasheeda Moore, and Kyle Ryan quickly change to assume roles of important figures throughout Lincoln’s life, from members of his cabinet to Mary Todd Lincoln Herself. The show isn’t afraid to get real, either. One of my favorite scenes was a heated exchange between Frederick Douglas and Lincoln about his reluctance to give equal rights to all slaves during the Civil War. Michelle does a great job expressing the emotions of the President during his campaign for senate and presidency, showing us that Lincoln was probably a bit more neurotic than we all think. He wears his emotions on his sleeve, expressing them throughout the show using modern language, music, and references. Much like actors who played Lincoln before, Michelle has done her research and has fully immersed herself as the president, down to the very last detail. I have a running, unconfirmed theory that she included her name in the title of the show so she doesn’t forget that she isn’t in fact our 16th president.


Rasheeda Moore is Frederick Douglass (amongst other characters)

Overall, “Michelle Davey is Lincoln” has solid laughs and plenty of subtle (and not so subtle) references to modern day America. Molly Todd’s direction compliments Michelle’s quick writing as the show smoothly transitions from scene to scene, never lulling at any point. The avant garde-esque death scene at the end (spoiler alert) was another one of my favorites. My only hope that she decides to make more of these and “Michelle Davey is Kennedy” is next. For information on how and where you can see the show, check out the official facebook event.



Michelle Davey is Lincoln

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